tolingo in Slator study

Slator study confirms: tolingo is a top challenger

Hamburg, 9th April 2019

The Hamburg-based translation provider tolingo, has – for the first time – been identified as a challenger to the world’s largest translation service providers in the current study: “The Slator 2019 Language Service Provider Index”.

This reinforces the status of tolingo as one of Germany’s leading translation service providers and confirms that tolingo is now one of the most relevant and promising challengers to the established “big players” in the global language and translation industry.

The market research institute Slator based its study on all the data collected regarding revenue and market activities in 2017 and 2018 using the “Slator Language Service Provider Index”. This data is an indicator of growth in the language services industry and is a starting point for the evaluation of strategic options.

The steady rise of tolingo to the status of top international challenger is no coincidence and tolingo plans to continue this growth in the future. In this regard, the Managing Director of tolingo, Jens Völkel, said: “Over the past weeks and months we have been working intensively on some strategic projects. Andfor good reason.”

In order to position the company even higher in the group of challengers, the company’s website, service portfolio, technical infrastructure and brand profile have just been comprehensively redesigned. In addition to significant improvements in usability and the user journey at, the entire workflow for all types of translation projects has been made more efficient and secure in accordance with the most up-to-date industry standards.

Jens Völkel is confident of the path that tolingo will be taking in the coming years: “The direction of travel is obvious: Onwards and upwards!” This applies to technical development, as well as to security, quality and customer service.

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