Current portfolio

Next Kraftwerke GmbH

Next specializes in optimizing micro generation energy plants in the electricity markets.


MyHeritage Inc

online platform focused on genealogy, ancestry research and family-social-networking.


Tolingo GmbH

Innovative translation platform takes the market by storm


charismathics GmbH

Leading independent supplier of Smart Card Middleware, TPM Based Device Authentication and Virtual Smart Cards.


Former portfolio

7d Software GmbH & Co. KG

(Trade Sale): Development and marketing of innovative personalization software, in particular for suppliers of internet-based services.

Agentscape AG

(Buy back) : The company offers software to support personal relationships between customers and companies on the Internet and to reduce user barriers which arise from non-user centric website development.

Acotec GmbH

(Insolvency): Development and sale of management software solutions for worldwide computer communication, the so-called “remote access” network connections.

apprupt GmbH

(Trade Sale): apprupt is the mobile advertising specialist for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Axentiv AG

(Trade Sale) : Business consulting firm with a focus on strategy and organization development, software applications and technology integration.

blau Mobilfunk GmbH

(Trade Sale) : The first independent mobile telephone discounter in Germany with the lowest prices.

BuddyPhone GmbH

(Liquidation): Software provider for IP telephony.

Casino4all Aktiengesellschaft

(Trade Sale) : Development and operation of systems for online gambling on the internet, in particular the live transmission of gaming from German and International casinos.

cellity AG

(Trade Sale) : The first automatic Least-Cost Router for mobile phones in Germany.

Content Fleet GmbH

(Trade Sale): publishes online content – quickly, efficiently and affordably. Agile and efficient portals as well as respective content are produced with proprietary

Digitale Hanse GmbH

(Insolvency) : Service provider in the internet monitoring sector for a systematic recording of digital contents on the internet.

DocMorris N.V.

(Trade Sale) : Europe´s largest mail-order pharmacy.

namor ePrint Factory GmbH

(Buy back): The company offers custom tailored, efficient advertising solutions for versatile products in the web-to-print media sector.

Emporis GmbH

(Trade Sale): The world’s largest free-to-use website about buildings.

EUTEX European Telco Exchange AG

(IPO) : Supplier of a virtual marketplace for anonymous, fast trading with telecommunications capacities.

Exit Games GmbH

 (Buy back): The company develops and sells an administration server according to the international OMA standard for multiplayer cell phone games.

FamilyHarbour.de AG

(Trade Sale): Nation-wide Internet Service Provider (ISP) with special content for families.

FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH

(Insolvency): The company produces high-end 3D-Mobile Games

Garderos Software Innovations GmbH

(Trade Sale): The company develops and markets controlling and billing software for management of wireless LANs.

Gentleware AG

(Trade Sale) : The company develops and markets tools for software modeling based on UML language.

Gerdes AG

(Trade Sale) : Development and sale of least-cost routers

Goodex AG

(Trade Sale) : Leading European auction service provider and technology supplier for internet-based reverse auctions, tender offerings and eSourcing.

handy.de Vertriebs GmbH

(Trade Sale): Independent vertical portal for products and services in the wireless communication sector.

Hornetsecurity GmbH

(Secondary): No more spam! Hornetsecurity is a premium provider of managed email security services for businesses – without installation of any hardware or software, 100% maintenance-free

Infitel International N.V.

(Insolvency): A provider of solutions for telecommunications value-added services based on intelligent networks (IN platforms).


(Trade Sale): Development and marketing of easy-to-learn computer games (so-called “leisure games”).

Kaboa GmbH

(Trade Sale): System to provide shopping and product offers

Lyrix Media GmbH

(Insolvency): Production, installation and marketing of acoustic advertising systems. The main product is “Watson, the tanking shopping cart”, with which the technically highly developed handle of the shopping cart greets the customer, guides him/her through the market.

MAZ Germany GmbH

(Liquidation): A specialized venture capital fund and incubator for very young, fast growing technology companies in the field of hardware, software, micro systems technology, nanotechnology and photonics.

Mikestar GmbH

(Insolvency): Online Karaoke portal.

Netlife AG

(Trade Sale): Developer and provider of software solutions for financial service providers in the areas of banking, securities accounts and financing.

Nettraffic Internet Performance GmbH

(Insolvency):Development of software and services for measuring the performance of websites.

newtention technologies GmbH

(Trade Sale): A provider of online marketing solutions for media agencies, media companies and advertisers in Germany.

Nikoma Beteiligungs GmbH

(Trade Sale): Nationwide Internet Service Provider (ISP) with direct internet access, web hosting, value-added services and its own billing platform.

novomind AG

(Buy back): Development of Interactive Personable Intelligent Agents for individual customer contact in e-business.

NXN Software Aktiengesellschaft

(Trade Sale): Software supplier for the coordination of programming at various geographic locations in the interactive entertainment industry.

octocom AG

(Insolvency): Development and sale of software for local acquisition of architectural structures and implementation on CAD drawings

Propertybase GmbH

(Trade Sale): Propertybase offers professional CRM software for the real estate industry as a SaaS-platform in the cloud.

Ricardo.de AG

(IPO): Online auction marketplace.

Scopeland Software GmbH

(Insolvency): Production, sale and support including consulting of the SCOPELAND computer-supported information system.

Searchmetrics GmbH

 (Secondary): Leading vendor of date-driven search and content marketing software and specialist in big data analytics

Seruba GmbH

(Insolvency): Development of a non-topic-bound, multilingual software thesaurus of a complete new kind (“Lexicosaurus”) for use in computer-supported networks, such as the internet, intranets and data warehouses.


(Trade Sale): The company is an innovative supplier of industrial solutions in the microtechnology and microsensor technology sectors. The company develops and produces new kinds of sensors and analysis systems with the microsystem technology process.

smava GmbH

(Secondary): Germany’s first online marketplace for loans

sofatronic GmbH

(Liquidation): Interactiv: Next Generation of Home Entertainment

softgarden e-recruiting GmbH

(Trade Sale): emerging from the merger of HR New Media GmbH and softgarden GmbH the company offers SaaS-based e-recruiting solutions with integrated job posting shop.

Starcover GmbH

(Insolvency): Developer and marketer of sturdy keyboards and monitors for use under extreme environmental conditions.

tallyman AG

(Trade Sale): Development and operation of an internet platform as a travel marketplace.

Telcast Media Group GmbH

(Insolvency): The World LIVE! Innovative technology and premium contents for Internet and TV.

Tellja GmbH

(Buy back): Referral Marketing Solution.

Testroom GmbH

(Trade Sale) TESTROOM provides professional search engine optimization and journalistic services for optimal success on the internet


timeproof Time Signature Systems GmbH

(Trade Sale): : Manufacturer of hardware-based time signature systems for forgery-proof certification of electronic business transactions.

TRINAMIC Microchips GmbH

(Insolvency): Trinamic develops and capitalizes on ASSPs (Application Specific Standard Products).

ViiF Mobile Video GmbH

 (Trade Sale): : Manufacturer of hardware-based time signature systems for forgery-proof certification of electronic business transactions.

wwg worldwidegames GmbH

 (Trade Sale): premium browser game portal operator.

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