Profile: Founders Michael Dunker and Andreas Fey are journalists (BILD, BamS, Ziff Davis, IDG) and technology pros. They have worked together as a team since 1997. Fey and Dunker exerted the core skills of consumer journalism for more than eleven years in the editorial departments of the Computer BILD Group of the Axel Springer AG. Fey and Dunker worked extensively on consumer, testing and technology topics. Testroom was founded in 2008.

Product: As a full-service provider, Testroom serves the entire span from first consultation to the conception of a successful strategy to the execution of the necessary technical programming and catchy and targeted marketing activities.

Contact: Testroom GmbH
Holstenwall 5
20355 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 (40) 600 800 600, Fax: +49 (40) 600 800 699
E-Mail: info@testroom.de
Michael Dunker (MD)

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