Further Exit from the Neuhaus III portfolio

Investcorp Technology Partners acquires softgarden

Berlin, 3.9.2018 – Investcorp Technology Partners (London), one of the leading European investors for growing small and medium-sized technology companies, has acquired softgarden. softgarden offers a complete solution for digital recruiting processes. With the new investor behind it, the Berlin-based company will continue to expand its SaaS offering for modern recruiting as well as its market position in the coming years.

all-round recruiting solution
softgarden was founded in 2005 by Dominik Faber and Stefan Schüffler as a spin-off of Saarland University (Saarbrücken). The company has recently expanded its own offering to provide a comprehensive recruiting solution, for example by integrating a recruiting app for specialists and managers or a feedback tool. This allows feedback from employees and applicants to be obtained and systematically used for process optimization and employer branding.

Number of customers doubled
In the past three years, softgarden, thanks to its innovative product portfolios doubled the number of customers and had an average annual growth rate of around 35%. “softgarden has a convincing end-to-end recruitment platform with a strong management team and therefore offers us an attractive investment opportunity in German-speaking countries. With our many years of experience working with fast-growing, data-centric companies, this investment fits perfectly into our broader Technology Partners portfolio,” said Gilbert Kamieniecky, Managing Director of Investcorp and responsible for technology investments in Europe.

Standards from e-commerce integrated
softgarden will continue its success story with the proven team. softgarden founder and CTO Stefan Schüffler will remain on board, as will CEO Mathias Heese. The dual management consistently aligned its offering with the current standards achieved in e-commerce and integrated trends such as the rise of valuation platforms into its own offering. Further innovations are about to be launched.

Innovations and acquisitions
“Investcorp invests in softgarden. This is an accolade for us. We have invested a lot in our development and are satisfied that this has been very well received in the HR market. Now with Investcorp we have the ideal power behind us to develop further innovations for our all-round recruiting solution and to make suitable acquisitions,” says Mathias Heese.

About softgarden e-recruiting GmbH
softgarden is the leading software solution for innovative recruiting that meets the high demands of applicants in the digital world. More than 700 renowned companies from all industries are already improving their recruiting performance with softgarden. The company provides unique functions – such as the feedback solution, a mobile recruiting app for specialists and executives, the softgarden Talent Network or the softgarden recommendation manager. With the help of the feedback solution, companies automatically generate feedback from applicants and employees, continuously improve their own offers, make their quality visible as an employer and thus strengthen their employer branding. The recruiting app for specialists and managers involves participants in the recruiting process outside of HR better in the process and thus accelerates application processes by up to 58%. With the softgarden Talent Network, employers have an active pool of qualified candidates that they can use for active sourcing.

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